CASE STUDY: Spacesaver Specialists Inc.

Location:  Spacesaver Specialists Warehouse


Duration:   3 weeks during the Summer of 2013


Opportunity: Mobilize existing racking to gain capacity and provide a show piece for industrial clients.



Storage Planning ǀ Storage Equipment

 503•612•2600 ǀ 800•456•2066




Solution: Spacesaver ActivRAC powered mobile shelving, with recessed rails.

Old Layout

New Layout

  • 13 Pallet Rack Bays
  • 2458 Sq. Ft. Overall Footprint
  • Approx. 130 Pallets
  • 19 Pallet Rack Bays
  • 1468 Sq. Ft. Overall Footprint
  • Approx. 190 Pallets

990 Square Feet Recovered to be Used as Flex Space


Partially Removed Existing

7000 Pound Standard Rail

Modular Carriages

16000 lbs. Supported Between Rails

Four Motors Per Carriage

ActivRAC 16P Carriage

Process Removal of existing rack Cutting recessed troughs in concrete Installation of two kinds of Spacesaver rail - 7,000 and 16,000 pound Installation of the overhead electrical supply framework Construction of ActivRAC carriages Re-installation of pallet rack Installation of electrical controls

Near Completion

Rail Troughs

16000 Pound Heavy Duty Rail

Power Supply Rail

ActivRAC 7M Carriage

Wiring to Motors and Safeties

Front Controls


By the Numbers..

  • 277,000 Pounds Storage Weight Capacity
  • 190 Pallet Locations - 46% increase
  • 60% Shelving Footprint Vs. Traditional Layout


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